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Cindy facilitated our strategic planning process. I’ve done strategic plans in the past with different consultants, and many of the approaches were laborious and not all that strategic. Not the case with this one. Cindy developed an approach that was nimble and streamlined, yet comprehensive and inclusive of all key constituency voices. She planned and facilitated several strategic planning sessions with our team that resulted in the most strategic vision we’d had in years. She provided coaching to me to ensure adequate pre-work, and followed up to make sure I was positioned to lead and execute our vision.

During the execution phase, we engaged Cindy to facilitate a retreat with our board of trustees to renew their commitment to our strategic plan and further engage them in securing the resources we needed to continue moving forward. At a time when some board members were shying away from the plan when the going got tough, this retreat turned them around and we found board members engaging in new ways.

Cindy is an expert facilitator and coach. Her confident, open, and engaging style established trust and drew all parties into the conversation. Moreover, Cindy is a strategic thinker in her own right. She was able to not only facilitate open discussion, but also to push, prod, and challenge our thinking to take us to another level. I would eagerly hire Cindy again when the opportunity arises.

Peggy Zink
President & CEO, Cincinnati Works


Iengaged Cindy as a partner in designing and leading immersive Design Thinking training for a diverse group of Cincinnati Childen’s Hospital (CCHMC) employees. In addition to being a true subject matter expert with years of “real life” experience, Cindy is also a gifted trainer. In a very short period of time, Cindy transformed a group of individuals into an enthusiastic team working together to generate new solutions. Participants left the training knowledgeable and energized. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Cindy again.

Julie Elkus
Director of Innovation and Design, CCHMC


Cindy Tripp is a rare figure in our world.  There are very few, if any, people on the planet who have been able to engineer the transformation of a 100,000–person global corporation from design-agnostic (or downright design-unfriendly) to design-intensive. Cindy didn’t do it alone – but make no mistake about it: it was her job. 

When CEO AG Lafley and VP Design and Innovation Claudia Kotchka decided that Procter & Gamble needed to embrace design, they knew they needed someone who could determine what it would take to actually make the transformation actually happen.  That was Cindy.  

I know because I worked with Cindy from the start.  She engineered from the beginning the work that led to P&G having a worldwide capability to deliver design thinking capability to any part of P&G that needed an innovation and design boost.  As a consequence, she has learned more about large-scale design transformations than anyone I know. 

I view Cindy as a wonderful colleague and friend and would be delighted to work with Cindy on any challenging problem, any time. 

Roger Martin
Author, Strategist and Professor at The Rotman School of Management

Cindy is an expert leader in innovation. By that I mean, Cindy understands how to integrate great creative process with the critical decision making in an organization and deliver tangible results. I witnessed her lead this and saw how it accelerated adoption, resulting in her organization becoming a best-in-class benchmark.

Perry Klebahn
Consulting Associate Professor and Director of Executive Education, Stanford School of Engineering D.School


Cindy is masterful at building trust on a team so that they can collaborate in ways previously not achieved before. Her expertise in applying the appropriate tools at the right moment is brilliant. She pulls from her vast experience in guiding strategy, building brands and innovating through empathy/design thinking in a way that is integrated and customized for the challenge at hand. She is not a by-the-numbers consultant doing a set process in a routine manner. Cindy diagnoses just what is needed and then designs an specific solution for that challenge, an approach that balances imagination with practicality.

Bob Schwartz
General Manager, GE Healthcare Global Design and User Experience


Cindy delivers results through an artful combination of fearlessness to face challenges, intelligence and imagination to quickly diagnose root issues, and warmth and approachability to engage the larger organization in a way that builds morale and commitment.  She is a bridge builder and translator across many disciplines and has a deep commitment to making a positive impact and delivering results for her clients.

Phil Duncan
Global Design Officer, P&G


Iworked closely with Cindy at P&G for many years. Cindy is an innovator and change agent, who has a truly unique combination of marketing and design/design thinking mastery. She takes on tough systemic challenges and leverages her strengths as a visionary leader to mobilize broad scale change that sticks. Embedding design thinking philosophy and capability throughout Procter globally is an example of the broad impact work Cindy excels at. Cindy is also a delight to work with – collaborative, committed, highly capable. And always a can do attitude and positive energy.

Leonora Polonsky
Brand Strategist, Leonora Polonsky & Associates LLC


Cindy makes things happen. Her passion and energy create a positive force for change. She does not let obstacles deter or discourage her and she always works with the overall end goal in mind. Cindy is a visionary and enthusiastic leader. But, perhaps her greatest strength is her bias toward action. She will not over analyze or over complicate a problem. She’ll get it solved.

Claudia Kotchka
Innovation and Strategy Advisor, Former VP Design Innovation and Strategy, P&G

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