Growing by Design

Not a Silver Bullet or a Brainstorm

Design Thinking is often over or under rated  as part of it's "misunderstanding". Some fanatics feel it is the answer to everything and can solve all manner of challenge. Others reduce it to one aspect of it's dimension--ideation. "It's just a brainstorming" dismisses...

The Often Misunderstood Approach–Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a hot topic and highly misunderstood.  We often hear some form of the following sentiments. Design Thinking is something only Designers do Design Thinking is a controlled process with linear steps to yield a consistent outcome. Design Thinking is a...

The Third Growth Option

Listen to Growing by Design – Using Empathy to Unlock Growth from The Third Growth Option  with Benno Duenkelsbuehler and Guests on Apple Podcasts. Cindy Tripp  


Cindy frequently shares her POV and perspective on what is happening in business and with design thinking in short, action oriented posts. You can explore what she has been saying or subscribe to follow as she publishes.

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Design Thinking can help you in many ways—identifying growth avenues, imagining more possibilities, improving team commitment and performance, driving action. CT&Co. diagnoses what is needed and designs an approach to help you get there.

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CT&Co. has expansive experience leveraging the methods and mindsets of Design Thinking. Check out some short stories of successes with others.

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They said about Cindy…

Bob Schwartz Vice President, Global Design / UX, GE

Cindy is masterful at building trust on a team so that they can collaborate in ways previously not achieved before. Her expertise in applying the appropriate tools at the right moment is brilliant. She pulls from her vast experience in guiding strategy, building brands and innovating through empathy/design thinking in a way that is integrated and customized for the challenge at hand. She is not a by-the-numbers consultant doing a set process in a routine manner. Cindy diagnoses just what is needed and then designs an specific solution for that challenge, an approach that balances imagination with practicality.

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Roger Martin, Author, Strategist and Professor at The Rotman School of Management, said about Cindy

Cindy Tripp is a rare figure in our world. There are very few, if any, people on the planet who have been able to engineer the transformation of a 100,000–person global corporation from design-agnostic (or downright design-unfriendly) to design-intensive. Cindy didn’t do it alone – but make no mistake about it: it was her job.

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Peggy Zink, President & CEO, Cincinnati Works

Cindy facilitated our strategic planning process. I’ve done strategic plans in the past with different consultants, and many of the approaches were laborious and not all that strategic. Not the case with this one. Cindy developed an approach that was nimble and streamlined, yet comprehensive and inclusive of all key constituency voices. She planned and facilitated several strategic planning sessions with our team that resulted in the most strategic vision we’d had in years. She provided coaching to me to ensure adequate pre-work, and followed up to make sure I was positioned to lead and execute our vision.

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Julie Elkus, Director of Innovation and Design, CCHMC, said about Cindy

In a very short period of time, Cindy transformed a group of individuals into an enthusiastic team working together to generate new solutions. Participants left the training knowledgeable and energized.

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