Welcome to my inaugural post of my new business blog, Igniting Growth. I have participated in social media for a number of years and even had a personal blog, but this is my first foray into professional blogging.  I hope that you find the posts inspiring and useful and I hope to learn from you too as you react and respond.

Igniting Growth

What comes to mind?  Most business people probably jump to share growth, revenue growth or profit growth.  Yes, in business that is important and I believe that my experience will offer some ideas here.

When I talk about growth, however, I have an even broader definition….In dictionary.com they define growth as “the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase”  Wikipedia.org suggests that growth can be physical or abstract, economic or biological.  Yes, it can be all these things; and, it is this broader definition that fits this blog.  I hope to offer ideas for your personal and professional growth, your productivity and your impact growth and ultimately your business growth.

People and business they are inextricably linked. I see this connection and believe it is critical to delivering improved business results.  I believe that we have to bring humanity back to the workplace to achieve the full potential that awaits us and our businesses. That is one way that Design Thinking methods and mindsets can help….framing, empathy, prototyping, story, curiosity all can lead to better outcomes for how we work with one another and what happens as a result.

So, igniting growth. I look forward to going on this journey together with you. Welcome aboard!


Take Action This Week

Think about all the roles you play, where do you feel you are growing and where are you stagnate?  Consider one action you could take to ignite growth in a priority area and commit to do it.  For me recently, I took action to strengthen my financial acumen, attending Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Finance for Executives course.  My growth curve just took off and it feels really good!

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