Last week I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island to spend a couple of days at BIF9 with “innovation junkies” to share stories about Innovation.  It was thought provoking and inspirational.  Over the next several weeks, my blogs will be inspired by these stories.

It was great to see leaders of all ages (speakers ranged from 17 to 78) share their unique lens on seeing the world, their empathy for people in the world around them and their curiosity. Yes, the people of BIF9 embodied the skills I see as critical for 21st Century Leadership! Framing. Empathy. Curiosity.  All were in abundance.  It was encouraging to hear their stories. Reframing the student as the genius that the world needs and having that ignite their impact.  Empathy that finally unlocked homelessness for Times Square in New York.  Curiosity of the 14 year old to re-imagine the prosthetic limb.  The stories were full of evidence that the world is awakening to these important skills.

To whet your appetite, here are a few thought provocations:

“There is a real difference between community and crowd” and “Isolation is fatal and shrinks possibilities”

“Networks are worthless if they are not shared”

“Control is for beginners”

“Story brings soul to big data”

Stay tuned…the stories and insights are on their way!


Take Action

When was the last time you were inspired and “filled” your innovation bucket? Take some time, perhaps lunch over a TED or BIF video or a day to attend a conference to inspire your thinking.  A little inspiration can fuel a lot of innovation!

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