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The Leader’s Voice in Design Thinking

The Leader’s Voice in Design Thinking

 Which is more important–the consumer’s voice or the leader’s voice in creating a transformative Design Thinking experience? It is not an either or choice as both are essential. The Consumer Voice is essential in developing empathy and co-creating for her/his needs...

Shiny Objects and Patina Wisdom

Shiny Objects and Patina Wisdom

It’s the season of glitter and shine. The beauty grabs our gaze. We like new, shiny things. It’s true in our personal and business lives. We are drawn to the shiny object and its promise. There is a different kind of beauty in the world too; the wisdom...

In Our Own Way

In Our Own Way

I have been struck recently how often the challenges we face in our work and lives are self created.  In essence, we are in our own way. We can overcomplicate the issue We can be willing to hold onto assumptions that do not help us We can be unwilling to be...

Operator Error!

Design Thinking is... What is Design Thinking--good or bad? a useful approach or a waste of time? innovative or preserving the status quo? I hate to do it again but it's all in the AND, not the OR. Design Thinking is good and bad, useful and a waste of time,...

Studies or Stories?

What is your go to? When you have an idea or a recommendation to make are you likely to site a study with data or tell a story?  Business often runs on analytical studies, statistics, significant difference. It helps us feel like we are foolproof in our actions.  But...

The Magic of Rapport

As I was getting ready to de-plane after a business trip two men began to exchange heated words over one's complaint that the other man was standing in his aisle space. It kept escalating, but luckily the line started moving and then it ended.  On the news the other...

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