Recently, I had a chance to participate in a new learning format, a MOOC at University of Cincinnati. MOOC stands for Massively Open Online Course, where anyone can sign up and take virtual free instruction on a topic.  At UC, they offered an Innovation MOOC this past fall and I was one of the guest experts featured in videos supporting the content.  As part of that filming, they asked me a lot of questions I hear frequently about design thinking and it occurred to me that these might be useful to more than the UC MOOC class. I asked and received permission to repurpose portions of my video in series of 1-3 minute Q&A segments on design thinking, soundbites that might be helpful as you try to explain what design thinking is and how it works.  You can see these short videos on my latest digital addition, my  Cindy Tripp Company Youtube channel.  Enjoy! I hope these are helpful.


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Watch a couple of the short videos on the questions that most interest you and share them with others on this design thinking journey.
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