Provocative. Engaging. Stimulating.  Shop14 was a great experience.  While I was one of the speakers, I think I enjoyed the learning experience even more.  Some interesting things to ponder.

“The phone is the new storefront”

Imagine how differently you might approach your communication and retail plans with this in your foreground. Imagination matters.

“Its not about the consumer consuming content but the creator, critic and curator”

Today’s consumers are creators.  They decide and often create. Our role is not feeding them content as much as it is curating the conversation.  Whoa.  Old school marketing needs an update.  We have entered the “Age of Interest.”  We need to prototype a new approach.

“A cup of yogurt won’t change the world, but how we make it might” 

Meaningfulness matters today. You have to be authentic and true to a purpose larger than the thing you create.  Empathy matters.  You have to figure out what people care about.

“There is an abundance of data and a scarcity of insights”

Business cannot just harness big data and win.  You have to bring that data to life in the form of insights.  Insight requires you get up close and personal with your stakeholders. Insight requires curiosity and listening.

“Thick data, not big data”

Big data is mindless mass of data.  Thick data is depth of understanding and insight on the whole person, not a data point in a database.  To win today, you need to understand the full person.  Ethnographic studies matter to create this picture.  Empathy matters.

“If you don’t like change you are going to like irrelevance even less.” 

The principles of design thinking are needed in today’s world.  Try them on your business and see what emerges.


Take Action

Think about these provocative thoughts and how they might relate to your business.

Curious on who said what?  In order above, here are the quote speakers: Ken Nisch, David Shing, David Denholm quoting Hamdi Ulukaya, Andy Murray, Christian Madsbjerg, Andy Murray quoting Gen. Shinseki.

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