When you think of a leader what comes to mind?

Decisive. Male. In charge. Intimidating. Visionary. In control. Ambitious. Driven. Productive. Efficient. Knowledgable. Analytic.

These qualities of leadership that have historically served us in our industrial revolution may not be sufficient for today’s knowledge/connection revolution. Complexity, connectedness and ambiguity make the job of a leader today more challenging and less predictable.  As a result, the leader of today needs new skills and capabilities to augment those historically valued.  Leaders today need to see the whole system, to be adaptive and creative.  In this information and knowledge economy it is likely that the leaders of today will not know all necessary to make a decision as they have in the past.

Today, our leaders need to tap into creative thinking capacities in addition to their analytical prowess.  There is a lot that leaders can learn from capabilities like design thinking (curiosity, iteration, framing challenges from many perspectives, empathy).  Curious?  Join us in our next tweet chat on how Leadership and Design Thinking are linked in today’s complex world.

Friday, July 25th @ 4:00EST @TrippinwithDI when Design Impact and I are joined by the Center for Creative Leadership to explore this topic. Join the conversation!


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Follow @TrippinwithDI and join the chat at 4:00 EST this friday.  40 minutes of inspiration on what it takes to lead in today’s complex world.

Check out this blog on some skills of leadership from Design Thinking as a preview.

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