In an interesting article in today’s WSJ Drug Manufacturers bemoan the consumer engagement via social media during clinical trials and only see the down side of perhaps impacting the trial purity or causing some discovery that might increase scrutiny. I read the article with a different stance:

“WOW. Look at the consumer engagement! Imagine what they can possibly learn about their drug and how it impacts their patient.  Think about the ability to co-create a better drug, a better experience, a better outcome.”

Drug Manufacturers seem to be afraid of a loss of control, not realizing they have only had a false sense of control to begin with.  Imagine what a slight reframe of their perspective might unlock if they saw this as an opportunity to learn and to co-create with their patients.

Where in your business do you have a false sense of control?  Can you reframe your position ever so slightly to find a more generative stance?


Take Action

Take 5 minutes to identify any places where you have a false sense of control on your business.  Then spend 10-15 minutes to imagine what might happen if you embraced that you may not be in control.  What would you do differently? (You can even try this in relation to your life outside of work!)

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