This fall has been so action packed it has been 2 1/2 months since my last blog. While the writing has been on hold, my mind has been full of thoughts. I thought I would share one of those with you in this post… My work recently has been focused on Innovation Pipelines and Brand Positionings.  And, due to all the corporate churn that seems to be new normal, I know a lot of people considering new jobs and new careers right now. What do all these things have in common? Remembering & Dreaming. With any change, I believe it helps to do these two things. Remember who you are (whether brand or a person) and where you have come from.  Honor your past because it is part of you. However, don’t let it to narrowly define you. Ivory soap comes to mind. Ivory was so wed to its past of nearly perfect purity and floating that it was not open to imagining what might be next. Remembering is firm ground on which to stand and it helps you know where you are beginning as you transition to what’s next. It is not enough though. You have to Dream. Whether a business or a human being, dreams are powerful things.  Imagine what might be and try it on in your mind for a while. Unshackle the reality of all that you are right now and just consider what you might become. Expansive thoughts can lead you to interesting areas of innovation. Special K comes to mind.  They imagined stretching beyond a healthy cereal to a healthy lifestyle brand and my how they have grown. People can do this too. Two powerful things to do: Remember and Dream. Best,


Take Action

Pick a context–your business  or yourself. Spend 10-15 minutes remembering your business/your personal past and the highlights. Jot some notes down. What do you notice about your past? Now unlock your mind to dream over the next week about the future of your business/your life. Jot down notes about these dreams.  Compare your remembrances vs. your dreams. Where are the natural links?  What gets you most excited?  Identify one action you can take to explore that connection and take it.

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