(Sung to the tune of “Oh! The Farmer and the Cow-man Should Be Friends” from the musical Oklahoma!)

Oh! The Strategist and the Tactician should be friends!

Oh! The Strategist and the Tactician should be friends!

One likes to imagine the f’ture now,

The other likes to show you how,

But that’s no reason why they can’t be friends!

Branding folks gotta stick together.

Branding folks gotta all be friends.

Strategist sets the scene for winning.

Tactician make the scene a WOW!

I believe this completely.  Yet, I see co-workers in business fight for who is more important, the strategist or the tactician. Once again, the answer is an “and”. They both matter. Strategy only matters if it is executed. Execution only works if it delivers today and also builds for the future.  If we are in the Age of Meaning, then now, more than ever, we need to stick together as everything we do must build towards that purpose.

Without  a strategy, any execution will do. Without execution, any strategy is a failed one.

Some things to consider as you operate from your natural center of gravity.



Take Action

Consider your natural bent, strategy or execution, and identify someone who is your opposite. Bounce your ideas off of that person and seek their perspective on the ideas.

  1. What are the considerations you did not think of? How might a strategy come to life (or not)?
  2. How might an idea fit (or not fit) the long term strategy?

This conversation will make what you do better–but only if you respect the other perspective and seek to collaborate to bring the full possibility to life. Your business will thank you, today and tomorrow!

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