As I tried to have a conversation with the buzz of a conference crowd around me, it was really difficult to hear what was being shared.  I think this is an analogy for so much of what innovators and marketers face. There is a lot of noise out there and people with their noise reduction headphones, DVRs and smarts phones are screening it all out. 

How do you capture someone’s attention and engage them?

So much shouting is assaulting our consumers (or as I like to thing about them…the people we serve)–they have become really adept at blocking it all out.  What signal will be received?

I believe today, more than ever, it is the signal that reflects a deep human insight. Winning ideas, product or communication, are insightfully based. By their very nature people can see ideas that are insight driven as true and relevant to their lives. You are talking to me. You care about me.  When we work to get to the human insight we respect the people we serve and we give them what they desire.

The good news is that with more brands moving towards purpose driven approaches, they are digging deeper into human truths and tensions and finding simple ways to connect and command attention without screaming.

Do you have the insights necessary to propel your business forward?


Take Action

Take a 10 minutes to look at these purpose driven, insight inspired examples worthy of note from healthy businesses:

American Greetings (On Mother’s Day)

Gillette (On Father’s Day)

Always (#likeagirl)  and

If you want to talk more about insight and how design thinking approaches can help you get there, let me know.

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