Its a brand new year and with that comes a fresh start, a new chance, a new mountain to climb.  I always look forward to January as a time to reflect on the prior year and imagine the future year I want to craft.  In my reflections on the past year, I reviewed my blog posts and wanted to highlight a few I thought I did not want people to miss as they turn the page to the new year. I hope you enjoy!

Alphabet Soup Lessons

Setting Conditions for Co-Creation

The Discipline of Discovery

The Questions You Ask

My goals for this year are more laughs and less worry personally (I can be a worry wart!), helping my son with college exploration/applications, to continue to help my clients in a way that delivers & delights them, and to continue to expand my network of great people with whom I have the privilege to partner.

Happy New Year!  Bring 2017 On!


Take Action

Make sure the month doesn’t end without you taking a little time to reflect and renew. Hope you have a great new year.

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