I have been struck recently how often the challenges we face in our work and lives are self created.  In essence, we are in our own way.

  • We can overcomplicate the issue
  • We can be willing to hold onto assumptions that do not help us
  • We can be unwilling to be curious about another’s point of view
  • We can be afraid of asking for help
  • We can be afraid of reaching out to offer help (who am I to think I can help)
  • We can be afraid to act
What is needed is….
  • to understand the heart of the issue and have that be a unifying rallying cry to get all people working towards a common goal
  • to challenge our assumptions and consider “what if this assumption is not valid”
  • to be vulnerable enough…
    • to be curious
    • to ask
    • to offer
    • to act
It occurred to me as I was reading recently in Fast Company about the 100 Most Creative People in Business that they were not inherently endowed with an extra “creative gene”. No, they seek to understand fully, to challenge assumptions, to be curious learners who ask and offer help along the way and take action.  I believe we are creative beings. I am. You are. Let’s get out of our own way!
Cindy Tripp

Take Action

Sometimes it is difficult in organizations and corporations to “get out of own way” and that’s where someone from the outside can help.  I have found the skills and mindsets of design thinking are useful in helping organizations remove their self imposed barriers.  Let me know if I can be of help to your organization.

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