What is your go to?

When you have an idea or a recommendation to make are you likely to site a study with data or tell a story?  Business often runs on analytical studies, statistics, significant difference. It helps us feel like we are foolproof in our actions.  But no amount of data, big or small, can guarantee success. So much is not captured in a discrete piece of information.  So while we get comfort from having a research study by a PHD expert, studies alone are not the ultimate answer.  People learn from stories. They remember the stories that strike a chord in their heart. Stories are how history was handed down from one generation to another for hundreds of years.  Even today in a world with lots of available data, its the stories that capture people’s imagination.  But a good story cannot guarantee success either.  StudiesStories and Intentions blend together into an Action, which then is executed well and the results follow.

Here is what I know for sure–great business leaders lean on all 4 things, Studies, Stories, Intention and Actions with executional excellence, to win.


Take Action

Next time you are mired in the data and the analytics of your business. Step back and make sure you have heard a few stories about the topic too to better equip yourself to set an Intention and execute your Actions well.

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