In my last blog I talked about the Magic of Empathy.  There is a great gift empathy provides as part of that magic:  it reveals deep insights that previously were obscured.  With design thinking, and empathy in particular, these insights become clear. Sometimes they even seem obvious–of course always after their discovery!  I have seen the insights from design thinking work be considerably more powerful than insights gleaned from a typical consumer understanding approach.

What makes them special?  Well, they are all T.H.A.T.

  • Represent a consumer TRUTH
  • Touch the HEART
  • Enable ACTION
  • Represent TENSION previously unknown or not understood.
When you discover one of these insights, it is gold.  It is part of what creates the magic.
How do your insights stack up?  Assess them versus this criteria and you may discover you need to push a bit deeper.  It is worth the effort, because an insight that is all T.H.A.T. leads to action that matters.
Don’t settle. Go for T.H.A.T.

Take Action

Assess your insights versus T.H.A.T criteria. Where do you need to go deeper?
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